Explanation of Votes- Strasbourg, April 2016

Los Angeles

Annual reports 2012-2013 on subsidiarity and proportionality (A8-0301/2015)

I voted in favour of this report and I fully support its calls for greater respect for national parliaments, and subsidiarity and proportionality, in the EU legislative process.


Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (A8-0208/2015)

I voted in favour of this report. I am pleased to see it highlighting the importance of the better regulation culture, including the need to reduce red tape, simplify legislation and ensure that EU legislation does not negatively affect competitiveness.


Small-scale coastal fishing in regions dependent on fishing (A8-0044/2016)

Areas and communities that depend on coastal fisheries require specific measures in order to grow and develop. I am therefore pleased to support this report, which highlights the importance of such small scale coastal fishing and calls on the European Commission to do more to protect it, including by looking at measures in the area of diversification and innovation.


United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: fisheries aspects (A8-0042/2016)

I supported this report which promotes good governance and conservation in areas beyond jurisdiction, in order to ensure the conservation of the High Seas.


Towards improved single market regulation (A8-0278/2015)

I voted in favour of this report which focuses on better regulation in the single market. I have long argued against overly burdensome regulation in the EU, I therefore welcome this reports focus on creating a competitive regulatory environment and an efficient single market, which will encourage innovation, production and trade.