Welsh Conservative MEP hails cut in mobile roaming charges

Los Angeles

Mobile phone roaming charges fell significantly over the weekend when a measure supported by Conservative MEPs came into force.

The new price caps mean fees for incoming and outgoing calls, outgoing texts and data downloads have been cut, before being abolished altogether on June 15, 2017.

The move was welcomed by Welsh Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne who said: "These caps on roaming charges are of real benefit to consumers.

"The additional fees paid in the past were out of all proportion to the costs to the phone companies. Competition was failing to bring down prices and that is why these regulatory caps are justified.

"I look forward to roaming charges being abolished altogether next year, when people will be able to use their apps, make calls and send a text just as if they were at home."

The removal of roaming charges has been staged to allow operators to make changes to the mobile marketplace.


Notes to editors:

From April 30, 2016, mobile phone users will pay domestic prices plus a maximum roaming charge of €0.05 (currently €0.19) per minute for voice calls, €0.02 (€0.06)  per text sent and €0.05 (€0.2) per MB of data downloaded.  These are maximum permissible prices and operators are free to offer cheaper rates.

Roaming charges will be abolished within the EU on June 15, 2017.