Explanations of Vote- Strasbourg, July 2015

Los Angeles

Negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) A8-0175/2015

Huge numbers of constituents have been in touch with me regarding today’s vote. Given the volume of emails I have received, it has unfortunately not been possible to respond individually to everyone. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify my position and reassure those who contacted me that their concerns have been taken into account.

I am extremely pleased to see the European Parliament give its clear backing to the TTIP negotiations.

An ambitious transatlantic trade agreement would provide a huge boost to our economy and deliver real benefits for businesses of all sizes; making it easier for them to export and giving them access to a marketplace of 300 million US consumers.

TTIP, with adequate safeguards for public services, will not just be good news for businesses; it will also deliver greater choice of products and savings for consumers, without lowering standards.

Investor protection is a necessary component of all trade deals and I welcome the agreement reached that TTIP should be accompanied by a suitably reformed and highly transparent investor protection mechanism.

I hope that with Parliament's support for TTIP now officially on record, a swift and successful conclusion of the negotiations can be reached.


Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: application EGF/2015/001 A8-0210/2015

I fully support measures that put in place policies that create growth and jobs. However, I do not believe that the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund is the right tool for putting in place such policies nor do I believe it is an efficient tool that offers value for money for EU taxpayers, therefore I voted against.


Scientific and technological cooperation with India: renewal of the agreement A8-0179/2015

I voted in favour of this technical measure which renews the EU’s scientific and technological cooperation agreement with India for a further five years, having previously been renewed in 2009.


Scientific and technological cooperation with the Faroe Islands: Horizon 2020 A8-0180/2015

I voted in favour of this agreement which sets in place rules to enable the Faroe Islands to participate in the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 as an associated country, establishing provisions to enable joint meetings, visits and exchanges of research workers, engineers and technicians, as well as participation of experts in seminars and workshops.


Scientific and technological cooperation with Switzerland: Horizon 2020 and ITER activities A8-0181/2015

I voted in favour of this agreement which regulates the participation of Switzerland in Horizon 2020 and ITER activities carried out by Fusion for Energy.