European Parliament calls for Common Approach to Antimicrobial Resistance

Los Angeles

The European Parliament has adopted a report calling for improved patient safety and a common approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Dr Kay Swinburne MEP for Wales has followed the progress of this report through the European Parliament on behalf of the ECR Group. Speaking about the report, Kay said:

" I welcome a large number of the recommendations made in this report to improve patient safety and address the crucial issue of AMR.

"In particular, the need for a greater emphasis on training all staff in infection prevention and control highlighted in this report; a comprehensive and team approach will ensure consistent good practices in infection prevention and control are present throughout our healthcare systems.

"The report also rightly emphasises the growing gap between increasing antimicrobial resistance and the development of new antibiotics. I welcome calls to accelerate R&D activities in the field of antimicrobial medicines and to create greater incentives for public and private sector collaboration.

"Finally, the "One Health" approach to AMR is essential given that our human and animal health systems are interconnected and tackling AMR requires a cross-sector approach, with policies developed accordingly. We must however ensure that any future action to address the risks of AMR developing in animals is based on sound scientific evidence and expert advice."